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mintyblog asked:

I think numbers is the kind of guy who has a really hard time completely giving himself to someone. Even though they're attached at the hip, maybe there are things they will never talk about with each other, like their pasts or their families or their real names. Or maybe they have no boundaries now, but when they first got together numbers made a lot of rules for them to follow so their relationship wouldn't get too serious. I think the tattoo is very Numbers.

I definitely agree. I think Numbers is the one with the boundaries. I think it’s possible Numbers has loved Wrench for a long time but perhaps not even admitted it to himself. I love that there is so much left unsaid about these two (even though I would die for a backstory about these two) because it leaves everything so open to speculation and creation. I have a pretty specific backstory of my own about their situation and how they came to meet/work together and what relationship they have. I love that their world can be so in depth because we we’re given so many interesting features and quirks without being told how they came to exist.

Fargo Says No Paper Trail. WIP. 1 hour some tracing (for the vague body shape/surroundings. This is a scene from my fic The Close Call - I can just see this fic so clearly in my head. There are so many shots I wanna draw.

I’ve got a serious thing for Numbers in Wrench’s jacket and what a gorgeous jacket for speaking to the surroundings/shape Numbers makes. Love it.

Too many WIPs on the dancefloor. Too many WIPs.

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